an artists' assistance fund for san diego, california

the hot rod harris artists' assistance fund

who are we?

The idea behind is simple, to carry on his legacy of helping musicians in need. HotRod Harris was a generous man even at times when he couldn't afford to be. He would give the shirt off his back to ensure a musician could get to their next gig, practice their craft or record their music. He was the first to offer a welcoming smile or hug if need be.

In his spirit of joy and generosity, wants to carry on his legacy. The fund has been set-up to offer support to musicians in need to further the local music scene in the San Diego community. If you are wanting to support local musicians please consider a donation of any amount.

Additionally, we will be producing an annual concert to showcase the talent we have right here in San Diego.

words from the man himself...

"Some things happen for a reason that we don't always understand. But I'm sure I'll be just fine... I know it may take some time for me to mend and comprehend... who I am."
-- HotRod Harris
"Fill not your hearts with pain and sorrow. Remember laughter, joys and smiles. Think of me in each tomorrow. I've only gone to rest a while."
-- HotRod Harris