an artists' assistance fund for san diego, california

want to help?

We're currently seeking donations to use as raffle prizes and give-aways at the concert. Think like gift cards/gift baskets/local music cds/etc... If you've got something you think would be a great fit, please use the contact page to drop a line.

The fund is always looking for folks who want to help out. At this time, the fund is looking to build up our reserves, so donations of money are greatly appreciated. This money will go toward helping musicians in need in San Diego, CA. To donate money, please click here:

In the future, we'll be looking for folks to donate their time, used instruments, strings, etc... as well [but we're not quite ready to handle that yet]. If you're interested in helping out with something like that in the future, please use the contact us page to send us a quick note and we'll put you on our running list.